How to be more sustainable in 2022

This week we’re counting down to the new year and finalizing our resolutions for 2022. Last year, we published a blog post detailing 8 tips designed to help you prioritize sustainability heading into 2021, and we’re excited to share some additional tips this year to add to that list. Whether you’re still looking for a new year’s resolution, or just hoping to reduce your impact on the environment this year, you’ve come to the right place.  

  1. Use your clothing dryer less. According to the NRDC, clothing dryers can consume “as much energy annually as a new energy efficient refrigerator, clothes washer, and dishwasher combined.” Even though it can be challenging to reduce the number of dryer loads your household runs each week, especially in small living spaces, utilizing options such as air drying racks and wash lines can help to reduce your carbon footprint, and electricity bills, drastically. 
  2. Learn about & experiment with food preservation. Keeping food edible for longer periods of time is a valuable method of reducing food waste while also reducing your trips to the grocery store. Many food preservation methods date back to before the use of refrigeration including pickling and dehydrating. 
  3. Re-evaluate your transportation habits. Although it’s often not possible to reduce your overall travel, especially when it comes to running errands and commuting to work and school, your method of transportation matters and directly impacts your carbon footprint and energy consumption. Consider walking, traveling by bike, carpooling, or taking public transportation when possible. 
  4. Normalize giving upcycled, homemade, and second hand gifts. Gift giving is enjoyable for both the giver and the recipient, but the practice of exchanging gifts can be wasteful. Often, upcycling an object or creating something personalized can prove to be both meaningful and sustainable. 
  5. Research options for clean energy in your area. This year, investigate renewable energy options for your home. Even if you’re unable to install solar panels yourself, many energy companies have partnerships with clean energy producers that you can opt into for a small increase on your monthly bill. 
  6. Source your necessities sustainably & locally. Although the most sustainable option is using up what you already have, purchasing many day-to-day necessities is unavoidable. This being said, selecting brands that prioritize zero waste, plastic-free, and local goods is a great option. DC has a new zero waste delivery service The Rounds for a convenient and more sustainable version of everyday necessities. 
  7. Speak with your family and friends about the sustainable changes you are making in your own life. Sharing your own experiences and zero waste journey with those around you can be an extremely influential way to introduce others to sustainability. 

Going into the new year, let us know if any of these tips inspire you to set a new goal for 2022. Even selecting one item from this list to focus on will make an impact in your community and contribute to helping our planet.

By Sara Mack, Marketing Manager

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