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Read our full list to help keep our piles contaminant free! We even have a “Check it Twice” section for those tough to categorize items! Also available in Spanish.

Graphic List

For our visual learners and children of the household, this graphic list helps composters see what Compost Crew accepts and does not accept in our compost bins.

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Farm Feast is our very own brand of finished compost made on Maryland Farms using locally-sourced food scraps from customers like you!


We offer convenient curbside collection starting at $32 per month. Many neighborhoods have lower rates due to the number of people already composting!

Noobtsaa (left) stands across a kitchen prep table from a chef.

Whether it’s to reduce waste, save money, meet law requirements or company sustainability goals, composting can benefit your business.

BPI certified compostable coffee pods in a box

At Compost Crew, we are dedicated to the success of our customers. Check out our FAQ where you can find answers to question for new and existing customers.