Neighborhood Sun & Compost Crew partner to promote change

Compost Crew and Neighborhood Sun are teaming up to help our Maryland and District of Columbia customers take the next step in helping our planet.  As the leaders of these two local businesses with a focus on helping people lead more sustainable lives, we often get asked, “what else can we do to make a difference?”  

There’s no single answer here, but we both agree that it’s important to do something.  Gradually taking additional steps toward a more sustainable lifestyle is more achievable than trying to change everything overnight.

Together, our companies are working to help people take another step towards sustainability.  In this way, we might encourage more people who are benefitting from community solar to start composting, and more people who compost to participate in community solar.  And maybe even get some local residents to start doing both! 

Gary founded Neighborhood Sun in 2016; one of Maryland’s first community solar companies.  He’s been in the clean energy business for about 15 years, encouraging thousands of residents and businesses to make the switch to cleaner energy solutions while contributing to significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

 As a climate-conscious person and business leader, Gary strives to “walk the walk” at home as much as he focuses on the need for climate action through his business.  Gary began composting many years ago.  He takes great pleasure in knowing that he’s reducing his household’s contribution to the county landfill by simply putting our food scraps in the bin.  In Gary’s view, the thing that composting and community solar have in common, besides both helping to fight climate change, is that they require minimal effort. They are easy to do things that make a huge difference in your home’s carbon footprint.

As for Ben, he has been the CEO of Compost Crew for nearly four years.  Prior to that, he worked for more than a decade in the solar industry, with companies at the forefront of advancing the global clean energy industry across the globe.  Solar rapidly advanced from an early-stage solution to maturity in several of these markets.  Here, Ben sees a parallel with the work that both companies are doing to make their solutions mainstream here in the DMV.

Ben continues to be a big believer in the benefits of solar power over using fossil fuels.  In his words, community solar is a great path for people who aren’t homeowners or who can’t afford the costs of a solar installation to benefit from clean energy.  Much like Compost Crew is trying to make composting accessible to all, Neighborhood Sun is committed to bringing the promise of solar to everyone.

We’re enthusiastic about our companies working together.  Stay tuned for more details about this collaboration!  

By Gary Skulnik, CEO of Neighborhood Sun, and Ben Parry, CEO of Compost Crew


  • Elizabeth Vogel-Rogers
    Posted February 22, 2022 2:22 pm

    Hi! We live in Falls Church, Virginia. Is being a part of Neighborhood Sun an option for us or only DC and MD residents? Thanks!

    • Sara Mack
      Posted February 28, 2022 3:52 pm

      Hi Elizabeth, thank you for your comment! At this time the offer is not available in VA, but we will pass along your interest to our friends at Neighborhood Sun.

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