Thousands of customers throughout the greater Washington area count on us to collect their food scraps each week with our convenient curbside service. Sign up and help keep food waste out of landfills and revitalize local soils by creating a nutrient-rich soil amendment.

Divert organic waste from landfills

From financial, operational and brand perspectives, composting makes good business sense. Choose from a variety of Compost Crew bin sizes and collections options.

Be a composting pioneer in your neighborhood. Compost Crew provides service to Single Family Homes, Multi-Unit Residential Homes, Communities & Homeowners Associations.

Approximately 1 billion pounds of food is wasted in the United States. Ready to be a part of the solution? Get your residents composting and Compost Crew will do the dirty work.

Why do people choose Compost Crew?

“It’s easy and extremely beneficial to the environment. Composting will make you aware of what you are throwing away and help minimize loss, waste and cost. Plus, you feel good giving back to the earth. If your business is in DC, I highly recommend Compost Crew. We have been working with them since 2020”

– Oyster Oyster D.C.

“We didn’t realize how much waste we would have but when you start seeing the volume, you look at every part of your business and try to find ways to be more responsible. We knew our intent, researched who could handle our quantity and chose Compost Crew. I compost with them at home, too!”

– Adrienne Walker, Founder of Blue Henry

“We are a Maryland Green School taking a role as stewards of the planet, which is a part of our episcopal faith. Our students show interest in composting, have a garden, and even host a Farmer’s Market. We even got our church composting with Compost Crew, too!”

– Kate Kelliher, Grace Episcopal Day School

“Compost is an important part of our healthy farming practices. This partnership provides us with a guaranteed source of high-quality compost for our crops without the hassle.”

– Ben Butler, Farm and Finance Manager at Butler’s Orchard

“In 2022, we stepped up our composting game by partnering with Compost Crew. Their team is awesome and we’re proud to partner with a local business that’s supporting our local communities.”

– Chesapeake Bay Roasters

“Thanks to our partnership with Compost Crew, Sustainable GW engaged students, faculty, staff, and campus partners to divert over 83,000 lbs of compostable waste from landfills.”

– George Washington University Office of Sustainability

“Composting has helped me to see how much each household can do to help. Between some waste reduction habits and composting, we drastically reduced our garbage output.”

– Wendy B., customer since 2011

“Compost Crew makes it very easy for us to be as environmentally conscious as possible. And they are highly responsive and reliable to boot.”

– Sherri H., customer since 2019

Thank you to the establishments that are helping the planet by composting with us!

Help keep our soils nutrient-rich

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