About Us

Who is Compost Crew?

Compost Crew is a locally owned business based in Rockville, MD. We were founded in 2011 with the objective of rescuing unwanted food scraps from the landfill, helping to retain valuable nutrients by converting the food scraps into a rich soil amendment – compost.

The company has grown to serve thousands of homes, businesses, communities and local governments throughout the Greater Washington area and has composted over 20 million pounds of organic material.

Our Customers
We’re not just a food scrap hauler…

We are a team of sustainability professionals on a mission to eliminate food waste and revitalize the earth’s soil through clean and convenient solutions available to everyone!

Meet the Crew

Our Mission

Our mission is to protect the planet, reduce waste and build community wealth. We are committed to recovering compostable waste, reducing dependence on landfills and incinerators, and revitalizing our soils. We will never compromise on that commitment.

Our Vision

Earth’s systems are regenerative by design, supporting all kinds of life–from flora and fauna to us humans. We envision a world where all organic matter is recycled, as nature intended, rather than being lost or wasted.

Our Values

  1. Keep valuable nutrients close to home
  2. Have an unwavering commitment to protecting the planet and building community wealth.
  3. Constantly innovate to provide the most effective products and services to help customers achieve their zero waste objectives.

Our Partners

Meet our local partners who share our vision and are joining us in this mission to build community wealth and supporting our planet.

Thanks for helping Close the Loop

While composting food scraps has many benefits to the environment, some part of the benefit may be offset by the need to haul food scraps long distances. We process food scraps in four locations throughout Maryland, to process food scraps into nutrient-rich compost and help shorten distances. Learn more about our Compost Outpost® sites.