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Get Your Residents Composting

Food scrap recycling is rapidly gaining traction, as communities have become increasingly aware of how landfills and waste incineration negatively affect our economy, health, and the environment. Compost Crew is partnering with dozens of local governments to help achieve zero waste objectives with these options:
Drop-off Locations

Offer your residents nearby location(s) to drop-off their organic scraps on their own time. Compost Crew will then haul the scraps to a nearby composting site for processing.

Curbside Composting

Make it easy for residents to divert organics by offering curbside food scrap pick-up. Residents set out their bin each week much like they do with trash & recycling and Compost Crew empties the bins. Municipalities may choose to subsidize all or part of the costs.

Full Turn-key

Nurture a closed loop system by sending the organic scraps collected from your residents to a local Compost Outpost® to be processed into nutrient-rich compost.

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Learn about the ways in which local government-sponsored composting programs can help municipalities flourish.

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Real-world examples of how several local governments have gotten started with composting programs and the results they have been able to produce with Compost Crew.

Featured Partners

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The City of Baltimore

Drop-off Locations

As a part of the Food Matters Regional Initiative, the City of Baltimore is offering five convenient drop-off locations where residents throughout the City can bring their food scraps to be composted.

city of college park
City of College Park

Curbside Composting

After first offering free drop-off locations, the City of College Park rolled out a curbside collection program in 2022.  Residents must purchase their bins through the City and the monthly collections are fully subsidized.

County of Fairfax

Full Turn-key

Fairfax County offers residents two drop-off locations for their food scraps and other organic waste. In addition, the County has partnered with Compost Crew to install a Compost Outpost® which is used to compost much of the material collected at one of the drop-off locations.

alexandria seal
City of Alexandria

Curbside Composting

Alexandria launched a curbside collection program in 2023.  The City pays for the first six months of curbside composting service to help get residents started with composting, after which residents pay a discounted monthly rate.

fall church seal
City of Falls Church

Curbside Composting & Drop-off Locations

One of Compost Crew’s longest municipal partners offers partially subsidized curbside composting as well as a free drop-off location where residents can bring their food scraps.