Looking to do your part for the environment but not sure where to start?

Or maybe you’ve tried home composting and struggled finding the correct way to turn food waste into healthy soil? Whatever your reason, Compost Crew is here to do the dirty work for you! We provide convenient composting services for single family homes, apartment buildings, municipalities and HOA’s and communities.

Convenient residential collection service starts at $32 per month.  Many neighborhoods have lower rates due to the number of people already composting!  Enter your address into our sign-up form to see your pricing.  Sign up for a year and get one month free!  After signing up, your supplies will be dropped off at your home and your collection will begin the next week. You can compost all your food scraps, and a lot more! Then just sit back, relax, and let us handle the rest!

  • No more throwing food and organic waste into the trash can
  • After every meal, feel a sense of pride knowing that whatever did not get eaten will be repurposed and turned into ‘black gold’
  • Gain more insight into how much of your food is going to waste
  • Be a composting pioneer in your neighborhood
  • Each year receive two bags of finished compost back to apply to your garden, potted plants, or lawn. Your plant friends will thank you!

Did you know?

Recycling food scraps diverts valuable organic matter from landfills to compost facilities. In landfills, food waste is not given the chance to naturally decompose, releasing methane, a greenhouse gas that is 80 times more potent than CO₂. On the other hand, recycling organic matter into compost helps pulls carbon from the atmosphere through carbon sequestration.

Finished compost is commonly referred to by farmers as ‘black gold’ because of its benefits as a soil amendment.  Compost helps revitalize damaged soil and return nutrients to our local food system, helping keep you, your family, and our planet healthy!

Want to Get your Community Composting?

Some municipalities, HOA’s and apartment buildings may have restrictions on how you compost. Download this brochure and share it with your community leader or property manager if you and your neighbors are interested in composting in your community.

Communities and HOAs
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  • Be a composting pioneer in your neighborhood by championing a community program and get your neighbors to join the composting movement!
  • The more people who are composting in your community, the less expensive the service becomes for everyone
  • Help make a bigger impact by diverting as much food waste from your community as possible
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  • Offer a simple, clean, and convenient composting service for residents in your community
  • Help make an environmental impact by diverting as much food waste from your community as possible
  • Meet sustainability targets
  • Foster a sense of pride in your community
Apartment Buildings
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  • Provide composting service for residents who desire zero-waste options
  • Help meet sustainability targets and increase LEED certification
  • Mitigate pest/odor issues by separating food waste into sealed-tight, latchable bins instead of open-air, overflowing dumpsters
  • Receive finished compost twice a year for gardens or landscaping
  • Join the many residential buildings in the area which have started composting with Compost Crew!