Community Food Scrap Drop-Off Bins: A New Frontier

By: Sara Mack; Marketing Manager

Last week, we launched our new food scrap drop-off subscription. Like our residential curbside pick-up service, this option is designed for local residents interested in diverting their food waste from landfills. This being said, the drop-off option is intended to make composting more affordable in order to increase access to composting in the DMV area. This service also allows us to reduce our route times, since these subscribers will consolidate their scraps into bins at a single location. 

For our first drop-off location, we have partnered with True Respite Brewing Company in Derwood, Maryland.  Bins located behind True Respite will be accessible 24/7; members receive a code that allows them to access the bins.  If you live in the Derwood area and are interested in signing up, go to  We plan to add more locations working with other local businesses and organizations around the region to make composting as accessible as possible. This type of growth will allow us to expand to more communities and to get the word out about composting on a larger scale. 

If you’re a business owner interested in hosting one of our Compost Crew drop-off bins, or if you know someone who might be able to help, we’ve compiled a list of a few of the perks that come with becoming one of our hosts.

1.  Supporting sustainability initiatives shows your customers and staff that you truly care about the environment and are working to do your part to give back to the Earth. 

2.  Hosting a drop-off bin ensures that local residents will have a reason to stop by your businesses on a weekly basis. Hosting a compost drop-off bin helps you to build familiarity around your brand for community members that may have not otherwise stopped by!

3.  We can offer additional discounts to your staff and customers to make composting even more accessible to your inner circle. Reach out to our team for more…

And, best of all,

4.  Hosting a Compost Crew drop-off bin is completely free for your business! 

If your business is interested in potentially hosting one of our bins, reach out to our team at We can’t wait to see how this program grows!