The Ripple Effect of Composting 

By: Sara Mack, Marketing Manager

We’ve all heard the analogy about how even a small pebble can make big ripples when tossed into water. Even the smallest action has the power to ignite a big change, and this is especially true when it comes to sustainability. The ripple that comes from even just one step toward sustainability can become a tidal wave if your influence is adopted by enough people. Composting is just a small facet of the broader sustainability movement, and it can sometimes feel as though composting on an individual scale cannot possibly be making a difference globally. The reality is, the more people that adopt composting as part of their everyday routine, the more normalized and mainstream it will become — a composting tidal wave!

Just one example of this influence can take place when you have house guests. When visitors stay at your home, they might be exposed to composting for the first time. Even after just a few days, when your guests leave your home they will have to confront how they manage their own food waste. If they don’t compost, they will now realize how much they are throwing away and may seek out composting options for their own household. 

This same type of influence occurs on an even larger scale when a group of individuals all begin to compost. When composting becomes the norm thanks to a widely available municipal program or low community rates, it can encourage others who have not been composting to consider making more sustainable choices. 

Our Compost Crew team is on a mission to make composting more accessible to as many people as possible, and the more people that get on board the easier this becomes. Because of this, we’re big proponents of community programs. Community programs allow you to maximize your ripple effect, and make composting more affordable for people in your area! You can read about one of our amazing community leaders’ experiences starting her own program here. 

Whether you’re part of a community program or not, the simple act of composting and sharing your experience is enough to start a sustainability tidal wave. Even if you can’t always see the direct results of your actions, it is important to remind yourself that composting and living sustainably make an important contribution to the health of our planet, and, when combined with the actions of others, can have a much greater impact than you could ever imagine! 


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