Falls Church composting program passes 650 homes

by Dan Israel, Head of Marketing

The City of Falls Church has surpassed 650 homes who are participating in its residential curbside food scrap collection program.  This means more than 20% of single family homes in the City are participating.  Originally started in 2017 with roughly 300 households, the program has grown steadily to become the largest curbside collection program in the DMV.  

And the results are clear.  Last year, City of Falls Church residents kept over 108 tons of food scraps out of the landfill as a result of this program.

The City has recently decided to extend its generous offer to provide six free months of service to the next 100 households in the City of Falls Church that sign up for the program.  After that, the service costs just $6.00 per month for weekly curbside collection.  This is one of the best prices you can find for residential food scrap collection in the DMV!  

City of Falls Church residents pay an $18 start-up fee to cover the cost of the bin and our driver delivering it to their home.  The City pays the monthly fees for the first six months, and after that, residents pay just $36 for the remainder of the first year.  All in, that’s $54 for the first year, or roughly a dollar a week.  Residents have the option to save even more by signing up for an annual subscription.  Click here to learn more about your options and get started.

Congratulations to the City on reaching this milestone!  Compost Crew is delighted to partner with you to reduce waste in your City.