Need some inspiration to #ShareYourScraps?

By: Sara Mack, Marketing Manager

Now that we’re well into April, Earth Day is right around the corner! Even though here at Compost Crew we celebrate Earth Day every day by working towards sustainability as our core mission, we won’t pass up an opportunity to talk about why the environment is worth protecting and how composting can be an effective stepping stone in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving soil quality, among other important benefits.

This year for Earth Day, we want you to show your commitment to sustainability by uploading a picture of your Compost Crew bin on social media to #ShareYourScraps. If you’re reading this and wondering what type of picture we’re looking for, anything will do! But if you want a few ideas to get the creative juices flowing, we’ve included a list of 50 different kinds of photos you could take of your bin. We can’t wait to see how they turn out! 

Take a picture of your bin…..

  1. Next to you
  2. With your pets
  3. With your kids
  4. With your friends 
  5. With your family
  6. With your neighbors
  7. With your friend’s hamster’s girlfriend 
  8. In your garden
  9. Next to your houseplants
  10. Filled with food scraps 
  11. Surrounded by food scraps 
  12. Next to the food you just cooked
  13. At the top of a mountain 
  14. At the bottom of a waterfall
  15. On a bike 
  16. In a golf cart
  17. On a skateboard doing a trick
  18. On a skateboard not doing a trick
  19. At the curb where it’s picked up
  20. Next to some chalk art 
  21. With a local monument 
  22. With your Compost Crew driver 
  23. Next to a Compost Crew truck (added bonus if you catch Mighty Joe!)
  24. Traveling to a new place
  25. Next to a bonfire
  26. On the beach
  27. By a lake
  28. In a pond
  29. Holding a bouquet of flowers
  30. In art form (a drawing of your bin) 
  31. Covered by art 
  32. Covered with stickers 
  33. At a park
  34. On a swing set 
  35. In a moat 
  36. In a car
  37. In a tree
  38. On a boat
  39. With a goat
  40. In the rain
  41. On a train
  42. In a box
  43. With a fox
  44. In a house 
  45. With a mouse
  46. In a Zoom call
  47. In a drive through
  48. On a picnic
  49. Wearing a mask
  50. On a roller coaster (make sure the lid is screwed on tight)
  51. Holding an Earth Day sign

If you end up using some of our suggestions, don’t forget to tag us in the photo and use the hashtag #ShareYourScraps when you post it. We’ll be sure to share our favorite pictures on our social media pages during Earth Week next week — so be sure to keep your eyes open and to follow us on all platforms!