Kenwood House Brings Residents Food Scrap Recycling

by Thomas Fazio, Organic Solutions Associate

For the past few months, most of us have found ourselves spending more time at home than ever before.  Instead of going to the office, travelling or heading out on the town to eat and see a game or a show — we’re all staying in.  And that means everyone is eating more meals at home.  While this may be great for your culinary skills, in most cases it has resulted in more food waste being generated on the home front.

At Kenwood House, a multi-unit building in Chevy Chase, Md. they have experienced the same phenomenon.  And their composting program is booming.  From a small pilot with a handful of residents, they’re now sending more than 800 pounds of food scraps and other organic materials to be composted with us each month.

“Having stayed safe at home for 10 weeks, our amount of trash has doubled with cooking every meal in!” says Sue Mistrett, Chair of the Kenwood House Cooperative Board. “Since we started food scrapping, we have noticed that our trash doesn’t smell.”

We’re happy to tell the story of how Kenwood House brought composting to its residents.  Here’s a more detailed write-up where you can learn more.  Please give it a read and leave us any comments below.

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