Giving Back this December

And, just like that, 2021 is almost over!  To celebrate the holiday season this year, our team at Compost Crew will be giving back to our community here in the DMV.  For each new customer who signs up in December, we will make a donation to a local charity working to fight food insecurity.  These organizations help fight food waste just like we do, but they do it by getting still-edible food into the hands of those in need. 

Here’s our plan: we will donate $10 for each new residential customer who signs up in December.  For new commercial customers, we’ll donate 50% of their first month’s fees up to $500 per customer.

If you’ve been considering composting with us, consider this your sign to join the Crew and to get started before 2022 arrives! It’s a great opportunity to start composting your food scraps while helping others in need in our community. 

We’ll be supporting three local nonprofits that align with our mission through this initiative: 

1. Manna Food Center 

Our Crew volunteered at Manna last month for a community service event, and it was a great opportunity for us to see their work in action and to contribute to an important cause. Manna Food Center is based in Gaithersburg, MD and you can get involved with their organization by donating, volunteering, or organizing your own food drive. According to their website, Manna is on a mission to “end hunger through food distribution, education, and advocacy.”

2. Food for Others

One of our commercial customers since 2020, Food for Others is a food bank based out of Fairfax, VA. You can get involved at Food for Others through donations, volunteering, and contributing to a variety of events such as the Tysons 5K and golf outings. As outlined on the website, the Food for Others mission is “to distribute food to our neighbors in need by mobilizing our giving community and volunteers.”

3. Western Fairfax Christian Ministries (WFCM)

Based out of Chantilly, VA, WFCM is also one of our commercial customers. According to the WFCM website, the organization’s mission is as follows: “Western Fairfax Christian Ministries provides food and financial support to those at risk of hunger and homelessness.” If you’re interested in further contributing to the work done at WFCM, you can volunteer, make a donation, or participate in fundraising activities several times a year. 

If you’re already a Compost Crew customer, consider making a donation to one of these great organizations this month, or contributing your time or funds to another local organization focused on food waste and food redistribution. During the holiday season, food waste increases by approximately 25%. It’s important that we all consciously work together to be part of the solution. 

By: Sara Mack, Marketing Manager