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As you likely have noticed, this week we’re celebrating our 10 year anniversary! To mark this milestone, we wanted to highlight some of our most loyal subscribers who have been composting with us since 2011. If you missed our first post in this series, you can read our conversation with Wendy at this link! For today’s installment we chatted with Ken about his composting journey. 

Compost Crew: What inspired you to begin composting with Compost Crew? 

Ken: The story is really simple: we always composted at home, but pest control had us get rid of our backyard compost bin. I have two kids and we decided to place an emphasis on being environmentally minded as a family. 

One weekend we were at the Bethesda farm market and saw your table. I talked with the Compost Crew staff and learned about what you do. Signing up was an impromptu decision, but I liked the fact that the compost was picked up and rodent free and that I could put stuff in your buckets that I couldn’t compost in our backyard bin like meat scraps. 

The story continues, though, because we had your service for a while and then we had a fire in our home and lost our house. We moved into the Woodley Apartment Buildings while we were doing repairs on our property, and it was a shock to our systems to not be composting. We went to the building’s management and they met with Compost Crew, but unfortunately it didn’t work out. As soon as we were able to get back into our house we started our compost service up again immediately and we’ve never looked back. 

Compost Crew: 10 years is a long time!  How has your life changed over the past decade (new family members, milestones, career, etc.)?

Ken: We have two boys: one is 21 and the other is 15. They have grown up with composting and are always trying to compost different things. But the amount of food we compost has increased exponentially as they’ve gotten older! 

Compost Crew: How has composting changed your perspective about food waste in general? 

Ken: Because of composting I’ve started to think more about food waste and what was being thrown away. I’ve also started to make use of all of our food — even the food scraps that would have been composted. Instead of composting a bunch of vegetable scraps I throw them in the freezer and make a vegetable stock with it. I’m not necessarily a crunchy person, but to me it makes a lot of sense to see if we can use as much as possible to make sure we are reducing our waste. I love composting because food waste turns into this beautiful leftover dirt that you can put in your garden, and it’s a way to return nutrients back to the dirt. Now, even my herbs are growing in compost! 

Compost Crew: What is the craziest thing you ever put in your compost bin? 

Ken: Lobster shells. We had a lobster bake a few years ago and we composted all of the shells — it was one of our more stinky buckets! 

Compost Crew: How do you use your finished compost? 

Ken: When we moved back into the house after the fire we had to revitalize the dirt. The compost helped with that, and now we have a very vibrant garden! 

Compost Crew: If you had to guess, how many tons of food waste do you think you have diverted from landfills? 

Ken: A couple tons easily 

Editor’s note: over the past 10 years Ken and his family composted approximately 4.72 tons of food waste — that’s as much as 2 Rhinos!)

Thank you so much Ken! We appreciate the support that you and your family have shown us over the past 10 years as the Compost Crew has grown! Stay tuned for more in this series in the coming days as we continue to celebrate our anniversary. 


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