Rock Creek Hills

Customer Story

Rock Creek Hills

Rock Creek Hills is a neighborhood in Kensington, Maryland, just outside the Capital Beltway.  The Rock Creek Hills community comprises approximately 600 homes,  and its residents are proud of its large canopying trees and broad front yards.

Inspired by a friend, Erica Weiss decided to make a difference in her neighborhood and became the community champion for composting in Rock Creek Hills. She reached out to neighbors and sent emails to the local listserv.  Other people chimed in, momentum started to build, and soon dozens of homes were on board.  They also brought composting to a neighborhood school.

Today, approximately 100 homes in and near Rock Creek Hills are composting as a result of Erica’s efforts. Rock Creek Hills has diverted 15 tons of food scraps from the landfill in less than a year.

To learn more about how Rock Creek Hills got community support for its composting program, download the full customer story PDF below.

photo of Silver Creek Middle School in Rock Creek Hills