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Composting is the natural aerobic (with oxygen) decomposition of organic matter into nutrient rich soil.
  1. Composting diverts our food scraps from landfills and incinerators
    • Our landfills are filling up, leading to longer and longer hauling distances, higher greenhouse gas emissions, higher waste management costs, and less space available for our trash. Composting could cut back our solid waste stream by as much as 33% (epa.gov).
    • When food scraps are left in a landfill or incinerated they release CO2, a green house gas.
  2. Composting is a sustainable alternative that puts the nutrients from our food scraps back into the earth and, eventually, our food system by using the finished compost as a fertilizer for local farms.
  3. Composting is the final step to completing a truly sustainable food cycle system.

The short answer…A LOT! You can compost almost anything from the earth, including:

*       Egg Shells

*       Fruit Peels

*       Vegetables

*       Coffee grounds and filter

*       Tea bags

*       Carbs like bread and pasta

*       Compostable goods

*       Paper, paper towels

*       Meat, bones, fish, shells

*       Dairy, cheese, butter, yogurt

For a more comprehensive list, click here.

In the past, Composting was a daunting task that required patience and determination to be successful.

Now, The Compost Crew makes Composting easy by doing all of the dirty work for you! When you sign up for our service, we deliver a bin and clean it out weekly. All you have to do is place your food scraps in the bin rather than your trash or garbage disposal, and we take care of the rest at a local composting facility.

Our bins – some of which are reused pickle bins by the way 😉 – are fitted with a gamma sealed screw top. No rodents are getting in there, and they wouldn’t want to anyways, because the bin is completely odor free when closed!

Crewmembers usually leave the bin in the garage or next to the house, keeping a smaller bin in the kitchen. And, though the final decision on how to use our service is up to our crewmembers, we are happy to provide assistance and/or advice as needed.

Absolutely! We offer a pay-as-you-go subscription for the low cost of $32/month with a money back guarantee for the first month! See our Service Agreement for more detailed information.

Please note: If you are part of a municipal collection service, there are no fees associated with your service.

Easy! Just sign up on our website through our secure payment page, and we will drop off a bin and bag within one week for you to get started composting. A week after your bin drop-off, your weekly pick-ups will begin. Signup here!

Please note: Registration for municipal services is a different process, and if you are part of one, you should have/will be receiving separate registration instructions.

Your bin must be visible and accessible from the street, and on your pick-up day, we’ll come get it.

No problem! Just shoot us an email, and we’ll suspend your service for as long as you need (1 week or 8 months!) FREE of charge!

Please note: If you are part of a municipal service, this option is not available.

Our holiday schedule is listed at: Holiday Schedule, but your scheduled pickup day will be constant unless you hear differently directly from us via email. Please leave your bin out until collected.

No problem! Just shoot us an e-mail at info@thecompostcrew.com or call us at (301) 202-4450.