What is the compost back program, anyway?


By: Sara Mack, Marketing Manager

If you’re one of our current residential subscribers, chances are you got an email recently explaining how to go about ordering your finished compost in the coming weeks as we are gearing up for spring! If you’re one of our municipal customers, stay tuned for more updates coming your way very soon about how to get your hands on some Compost Crew black gold. 

This year we are using a combination of strategies including bulk pick up options and up-cycled bags from a local brewery in some regions of our service area in order to keep our compost back operation as close to zero waste as possible. 

We are also switching up the compost-ordering process slightly this year by introducing a new opt-in system on our customer portal.


The gif above details how to opt in for finished compost. Under Account & Billing, select Update Account Details and select yes or no to the question “Would you like to receive your complimentary finished compost?”

To recap our recent email to subscribers: if you opt-in to get finished compost, you will be able to see the options for the complementary Compost Back program in the shop on our portal.  The shop will be updated with Spring Compost Back options soon!  If you opt-out of Compost Back, you will not see these  options in the shop, nor will you receive the related email updates.  This process allows you to opt-in or opt-out of the compost back program at any time.  Once you opt-in, our system saves your preferences so it will simplify the process next time!

As always, if you need any assistance accessing the portal, please contact us for support.

At this point in the season, you have to be a Compost Crew subscriber in order to order finished compost. Once we have a better sense of our supply, we may be able to open the option up to the general public as well. We will keep everyone posted! 

We are excited to hear all of your success stories after using this year’s finished soil amendment in your gardens and with your houseplants — stay tuned for another blog post, coming soon, featuring tips and tricks to make the most of your compost! 


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