Taking on climate issues, one step at a time

by Bella Dastvan, Organic Solutions Representative

Climate anxiety is a common issue in Generation Z. Topics like climate change, pollution, food waste, and social and environmental justice are very complex and do not have simple answers.  When there are solutions, corporations and bureaucratic structures can slow down the pursuit of social and environmental justice. It’s like a large entangled web that seems impossible to undo. All of this makes it overwhelming to try to approach these issues.

In good news: no one can do everything, but everyone can do something. You may choose to act by donating to causes, protesting, or supporting green businesses (like us!)  All of these small actions can add up to a mass movement.  Whether you compost at home, use a service like ours, or have organized a larger composting initiative in your apartment building or HOA, you are all a part of this environmental movement! 

Through composting, we are saving tons (literally!) of food waste from taking up landfill space and releasing more potent greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.  Those small actions each of us take help us come together to create a huge difference in our anthropogenic impact. 

We can make a difference by being more conscious of our daily habits. Think before you toss – can this be recycled, composted, or repurposed? Our environments are constantly in flux and changing, and so are we. We have to learn how to adapt to climate change, and we all have to take steps to change our lifestyles and actions accordingly.  We can no longer treat the Earth like it is disposable.  We need to respect the Earth if we want the Earth to respect us, and that can change with the little steps we take each day!