Welcome to the Town of Somerset composting program!

Weekly curbside compost pick-up for residents is funded by the Town of Somerset, Maryland.

The free service includes a 5-gallon bin, which is usually enough for households of 1-4 people.
If you have more people or if you cook frequently and have a lot of food waste, you can upgrade to a 12-gallon bin, for $4.00 per month.

As long as your address is within the Town of Somerset, these rates will automatically be applied when you sign up.

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Similar to a recycling service, we collect food waste and other organic material from the local community to be composted and reused. We offer both residential and commercial service as well as composting for events.


Nearly 40% of our solid waste may be composted! We use cutting edge technology and techniques to compost everything from meat and dairy products to grains and oily foods, soiled napkins, and much much more.


You can never use too much compost in your garden – it provides a slow release of macro- and micro-nutrients that won’t burn or damage your plants. It provides a strong and fertile foundation for plants to flourish.