National Learn About Compost Day

Did you know May 29th is National Learn About Compost Day?

At Compost Crew, we’re celebrating by gearing up for a webinar for school-age children that will focus on the benefits of composting, and how the process works. The webinar will be held on June 7th — add it to your calendar now, and be sure to stay tuned for more details in the coming days!

If you’re celebrating this holiday yourself, consider downloading or printing out our composting worksheet chock full of fun and interactive activities for kids!

You can find the PDF for the  Learn About Compost Day worksheet here, and the corresponding answer key below for your convenience.

Answer Key:

What Can We Compost: The non-compostable items are: plastic cup, bubble gum, cell phone, and produce stickers

How Is Compost Made: Truck = 3 Bag = 5 Scraps = 1 Pile = 4 Bucket = 2

How Does Composting Help The Earth: 1. Filters Water 2. Controls erosion 3. Reduces waste in landfills 4. Fully organic fertilizer