Key City and Compost Crew Combine Forces

Compost Crew has recently combined forces with Key City Compost, a like-minded company with whom we have been collaborating for several years. 

Key City Compost, founded by Phil Westcott in 2017, is based in Frederick, MD. Key City services thousands of customers primarily in Frederick County and the northern half of Montgomery County, Maryland, as well as parts of Northern Virginia. 

Both companies have worked over the last seven years to make food scrap collection more convenient to residents of the greater Washington, DC area. Key City provides many of the same services that Compost Crew does – residential and commercial food scraps collection. In fact, the two companies have partnered together on more than one occasion in the past to service commercial customers with locations that span both of our service territories.

Where the two companies overlap, especially in central Montgomery County, we will take advantage of the opportunity to make our routes more efficient. We will be communicating with existing Key City customers in the weeks and months ahead to let them know of any changes to their service.

This partnership will allow the further development of the processing facility that Key City established at Utica Bridge Farms in Frederick. Compost Crew will invest in fully developing the site to its permitted size, allowing for significantly more food scraps to be processed into high quality finished compost. 

In addition, Key City has built a distribution capability for compostable products from partner companies like Eco-Products, Vegware, World Centric, and EcoSafe Zero Waste. Phil will lead our combined efforts to make a wide variety of compostable food packaging, utensils, cups and more available to our customers and others throughout the DMV. Check out our shop to see what we have available. 

Please join us in welcoming Phil – and the rest of the Key City team – to the Crew!