Help Us Make Great Compost!

Leave liners untied for pick-up

Why? Tied up liners are difficult for our team of composters to process at our composting sites. The food scraps inside liners need to be mixed thoroughly with our carbon sources (example: wood chips, leaves and/or hay). When the liner is tied, food scraps cannot be properly mixed and therefore cannot properly breakdown. This can create smells and impacts the quality of the finished compost. So please leave all compostable liners untied including smaller kitchen caddy liners if you are using them.

Cut or tear non-food items like pizza boxes

Why? When your pizza boxes and other bulky cardboard material arrives at the compost facility our team cuts and tears them to help speed up the composting process. We love cardboard boxes especially when they are covered in food scraps since they provide a great source of carbon. But we love them even more when they are already torn up!!

Consider reusables over single use items

Why? Compost Crew is a zero waste company. We promote the use of reusable items over single-use items even if they are BPI-certified (approved for composting). This includes things like cups, utensils, plates, take out containers, etc.


Compost Crew's Do's & Don'ts
Avoid wax-lined paper products like ice cream and fast food containers

Why? Wax lined paper products such as ice cream containers and fast food containers are lined with petroleum based plastic coating. So while the paper itself is compostable, the wax lining is not. Check your local recycling requirements to see if you can recycle instead!

Examples of waxy products that we cannot compost
Interesting Compost Facts:
  • Active compost piles can get up to 140°F – 160° F! 
  • A good carbon to nitrogen ratio, appropriate moisture content, and availability of oxygen are the most important components of a good compost pile.
  • A properly managed compost site does not have any unpleasant odors.
  • Finished compost has the smell of the forest floor after a rain.


What can you compost with Compost Crew?