Greenbelt Composting

Want to Join a Pilot Program to Compost Your Food Scraps?

The City of Greenbelt recently introduced a new curbside food waste collection pilot for City residents. Compost Crew, the City of Greenbelt, and Trinity Assembly of God worked together to seek the funding for the pilot through a grant from the USDA. This is a free service for up to 18 months.

How does it work?

Instead of sending food waste to local landfills, residents of Greenbelt will be able to place items such as fruit scraps, vegetable scraps, meat and bones in a dedicated bin for food waste collection. Compost Crew will pick up your food scraps weekly and deliver them to their Compost Outpost® for processing into compost.

Greenbelt residents only pay a one-time fee of $20 for the purchase and delivery of your 7-gallon food waste bucket. Collections have already started for this program. Join our waiting list for the next phase coming soon!

What is composting?

Composting is the natural aerobic (with oxygen) decomposition of organic matter into nutrient rich soil.  We collect food scraps from your home or business weekly and get them into the composting process and out of the landfill. Why compost?

  1. Composting diverts our food scraps from landfills and incinerators.
  2. Our landfills are filling up, leading to longer and longer hauling distances, higher greenhouse gas emissions, higher waste management costs, and less space available for our trash. Food waste constitutes 22% of discarded municipal solid waste in America.
  3. When food scraps are left in a landfill or incinerated they release methane, a greenhouse gas that is 80 times as potent as CO₂.
  4. Composting is a sustainable alternative that puts the nutrients from our food scraps back into the earth and, eventually, our food system by using the finished compost as a fertilizer for local farms.
  5. Composting is the final step to completing a truly sustainable food
What can I compost?

In short, you can compost all types of food — yes, including meat and dairy — and soiled paper products. Take a peek at our graphic list below and download!

For a comprehensive list, click here.  We also have a translated the list into Spanish.

How long is this pilot program?

*A USDA grant awarded to the City of Greenbelt will cover fees for Compost Crew to collect and process food waste for up to 18 months. The period covered depends on when you sign up for service. After this grant-funded period, Compost Crew and the City of Greenbelt will collaborate on extended discounted services to residents of the City. 

How do I keep my bin clean?


Freezing your scraps until the night before pick-up, wiping down your bins after pick-up and bringing out the hose to spray your bin down can help keep your bin clean and odor-free!


Greenbelt’s Going Green!

After adding a new Compost Outpost® and introducing a curbside composting program to residents earlier this year, this city is now a prime example of how quickly and efficiently a closed loop system can be established. The goal, to collectively reduce the City’s carbon footprint. Finished compost made with residents’ food scraps will be returned to Greenbelt for use as a valuable soil amendment in community gardens and public spaces!

Read the full story on how Greenbelt is going green by visiting our blog.


Similar to a recycling service, we collect food waste and other organic material from the local community to be composted and reused. We collect from both residential and commercial customers.


Nearly 40% of our solid waste may be composted! We use cutting edge technology and techniques to compost everything from meat and dairy products to grains and oily foods, soiled napkins, and more.


Finished compost can be used in the garden in your backyard to the crops on our local farms. It provides a slow release of nutrients and provides a strong and fertile foundation for plants to flourish.