Compost Fellow Spotlight: Mina Bahadori

To recognize the talented Crew members involved with our Composting Fellowship program, we’re sitting down with past and present participants in the program. You can read the first installment of this series spotlighting Brian Campos here

The Compost Crew Fellowship offers hands-on experience and training in composting operations provided by a MDA Certified Compost Facility Operator. Today we’re spotlighting Mina Bahadori, who made huge contributions to our on-farm operations as one of our youngest Fellows to date. 

Compost Crew: What projects did you contribute to during your fellowship?

Mina: I worked on decontamination projects where I helped design flyers and stickers to prevent contamination. I also helped film an informational video about common compost contaminants. 

Compost Crew: What was your favorite part about the program? 

Mina: I really felt like the fellows were a team and that [the mentors] made an effort to keep us all connected. 

I’m not sure if I can say I liked this, but coming on site and decontaminating the compost myself was an amazing educational experience and reminded me why decontamination is so important. I now always make sure to never tie my liners and remove stickers from produce!

Compost Crew: What did you learn from your experience? 

Mina: I learned how to work as a team and I learned better communication skills. I also learned a lot about composting such as decontamination and capturing the heat from compost piles to use as energy. 

Compost Crew: Is there anything you would want to let a new fellow know about the program?

Mina: I would tell them to really commit themselves to the program and put effort into their projects and research. Also, they should definitely go on-site [to get the full experience]. 


As a Fellow, individuals gain hands-on experience with composting from start to finish. Each week, Fellows work with the composting team to process food scraps at our Compost Outposts which entails decontaminating, mixing and hydrating, and then maintaining our compost piles.

Fellows also work with their peers and the composting division on compost innovation research projects. In addition to the projects she mentioned above, Mina assisted with researching existing compost heat extraction systems – work that will aid in efforts to design and utilize a system to heat onsite greenhouses for the Compost Crew’s partner farms.

Our Fellowship program is offered seasonally, biannually, and annually with flexible hours that best fit your schedule! Want to learn more? Contact us at

Apply to join our composting division as a Fellow here, and stay tuned for future Fellow spotlights coming soon. 

Edited by: Ivy Nargiz, Composting Coordination Associate