Compost Back

Getting finished compost is easier than ever!

About Compost Back

At Compost Crew we are committed to promoting sustainability, making it easier for you to reduce waste and enrich local soils. For as long as we have been in business, our residential customers have had the option to receive finished compost periodically, to use in their gardens, landscaping projects or houseplants.

What is changing this year?

In years past, we have held both a spring and fall compost back, timed around the seasons when the largest percentage of people are asking for finished compost. We are thrilled that, starting this year, eligible customers will be able to order complimentary finished compost for delivery at any time between February 1st and October 31st. This annual offering (ordering one time per year) will now replace the historical seasonal options (ordering twice per year). This extra convenience will allow you to receive your compost based on how and when you would like to apply it.

New to ordering complimentary compost or need a refresher?

It’s time to get your hands on some black gold! Whether you’re a new customer or long-time subscriber, we’re here to guide you through ordering your complimentary compost. 

Click to watch a short how-to video:

Prefer a step-by-step guide? See below:

Access our customer portal

  1. Log in to your Customer Portal by clicking the My Account button on our website.
  2. Once logged in, the dashboard lets you view your account information, our online shop, frequently asked questions, and more. 

Make sure you have opted in

  1. It’s important to make sure that you have opted in to not only receive email notifications about complimentary compost, but to gain access to the complimentary compost options in our shop. If you don’t remember opting in during the sign-up process, simply click the “Account & Billing” button on our menu bar, then click the “Update Account Details” button.
  2. On this page, you can opt in to Compost Crew email reminders, service notifications and, lastly, whether you would like to receive your complimentary finished compost. Click the drop-down button and select “Yes”, then click the “Submit” button. 
  3. Now you’re ready to place an order for compost delivery!

Visit our Shop to Place an Order

  1. Click the “Shop” button, on our menu bar where you will find a variety of items including cool Compost Crew merch, bin liners, kitchen caddies and, of course, your complimentary bag of compost! 
  2. Add your complimentary bag of compost to your cart and click “checkout”. At checkout, you will need to make sure a payment method is selected. Don’t worry, we won’t charge you for any products with a $0.00 price. Our system requires a valid payment method  in order to complete an order, even if it’s free. 
  3. Click “Submit Order” and you’re done!

Want extra compost?

This year Compost Crew is excited to offer Farm Feast, our very own brand of compost, made on-farm using your food scraps! Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date on events throughout the year for the chance to get your hands on bulk and bagged Farm Feast compost!

More questions?

Explore our frequently asked questions or email to reach out to us!