MOM’s Organic Market

Customer Story

MOM's Organic Market

MOM’s Organic Market operates 19 stores in four states plus the District of Columbia.  MOM’s customers are fanatical about its organic produce, other high quality products, and the company’s commitment to the environment.  Founded in 1987 by Scott Nash from his mother’s garage, today MOM’s employs over 1,500 people.  MOM’s has long been on the forefront of sustainable practices.  In 2005, the company created its Purpose, “to protect and restore the environment.”

MOM’s began a pilot program with Compost Crew in 2019 as the dedicated food scrap collector for two of its stores ‒ Arlington, Va. and the Mosaic District in Merrifield, Va.  Due to the high quality service and shared dedication to the mission of eliminating food waste, MOM’s expanded the partnership in 2020 and now has Compost Crew collect food scraps from 10 additional stores.

“We started working with Compost Crew because they could accept PLA,” recalls Alexandra DySard, Environmental and Partnership Manager for MOM’s. “We also like working with local companies and startups who can grow with us.  In that way, we’re helping to grow the local green economy.”

To learn more about MOM’s composting program, download the full customer story PDF below.