Kenwood House

Customer Story

Kenwood House

Kenwood House is a 70-unit apartment building in Chevy Chase, Md.  Located near the Capital Crescent trail, the building attracts residents of all ages who enjoy biking and walking to nearby shops and restaurants. A co-op building, Kenwood House has had previous success with other environmental efforts.

Rather than diving in completely,  the Kenwood House board approved a pilot to try out food scrap collection.  They evaluated three different providers and selected Compost Crew because the company’s responsiveness during the evaluation boded well for the future of the relationship.  For the pilot, eight residents in five units started collecting food scraps and bringing them to a central 12-gallon collection bin.

Today, at least 50% of all units are composting.  Each month, the building is diverting approximately 800 pounds  of food scraps from the trash which will eventually become valuable compost.

To learn more about how Kenwood House rolled out a composting program, download the full customer story PDF below.