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Goodwin House Incorporated is senior living and health care services organization that supports, honors and uplifts the lives of 2,000 older adults across Northern Virginia. When President & CEO Rob Liebreich joined Goodwin House in July 2019, the buildings were sending roughly forty tons of garbage annually to the landfill.

Liebreich came to Goodwin House from another retirement community in nearby Maryland that had rolled out food scrap recycling. He and the resident “Green Team” advocated for bringing composting to Goodwin House’s two locations in Alexandria and Bailey’s Crossroads. In 2019, both Goodwin House locations started with back of the kitchen organics recycling. The Bailey’s Crossroads location quickly expanded from the kitchen to the residents’ apartments.

In the first six months of service, Goodwin House diverted over 50,000 pounds of food waste from landfills.  At Bailey’s Crossroads, collections doubled when residents started composting in their apartments. With this decrease in garbage, Goodwin House reduced its trash hauling costs, largely offsetting the costs of the food scrap collection.

To learn more about how Goodwin House rolled out a composting program, download the full customer story PDF below.

Image of Goodwin House Green Team