ESP Tea & Coffee

Customer Story

ESP Tea & Coffee

one of Alexandria’s most eclectic coffee shops, ESP Tea & Coffee.

ESP offers a variety of products from small business owners and local artists, they prepare yummy food, offer a free water stand with reusable cups and create warm beverages that are poured and served in unique mugs.

Disciplined staff have been receptive to composting and have even found a way to reuse the shards that fall from coffee beans during the brewing process, by adding them to the soil of the many live plants on the premises.

Outside of this colorful café, ESP Tea and Coffee supports organizations like Alive, which helps fight hunger and homelessness in the City of Alexandria. Alexandria resident and owner, Erik Muendel, continues zero waste practices like leaving grass clippings for natural decomposition and recycling glass at the I-66 Transfer Station — home to Compost Crew’s 4th Compost Outpost!

We’re happy to collect the food scraps from this NoVa space where customers go to grab a sip and be at peace.