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Customer Story

Elite Spice

Elite Spice is an industry leading spice importer and custom manufacturer offering an extensive line of spices, seasonings and specialty food ingredients. In 2019, the Elite Spice team evaluated their procedures and identified areas for improvement in terms of sustainability and reducing the business’ carbon footprint.

Elite Spice produces a substantial quantity of spice waste each week at its two manufacturing facilities in Maryland. During their production processes, spice waste is generated as a by-product of Elite’s custom spice cleaning and milling systems.  Prior to composting with Compost Crew, the discarded waste was being disposed of with the rest of the company’s general trash.

Elite Spice became the first commercial customer to utilize Compost Crew’s new Roll Off services. The waste is collected in new open top dumpsters provided by Compost Crew, and taken away as often as they fill up, on an “on call” schedule.  Since the inception of this program, Elite has diverted nearly 580 tons to be composted at a local facility.

To learn more about how Elite Spice rolled out its composting program, download the full customer story PDF below.

team members in front of the compost dumpster at Elite Spice