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The Compost Crew has an option for everyone

From residential service including community, multi-unit, and municipal collection to commercial service including offices, businesses of all sizes, and events, everyone’s covered! We provide a great weekly collection service that makes composting clean and easy for you, our Crewmembers. The only responsibility you’ll have after you sign up is to separate out your food waste, including everything on this extensive list of compostables. 

Residential Services


  • At home weekly pickups
  • Bins and bags provided
  • Bin Cleaning
  • Free Compost!


  • Everything you get with monthly service
  • One month FREE!
  • Money back guarantee


  • Municipalities, HOA’s/CA’s, Neighborhoods
  • Community Pilots
  • Apartment/Condo Pilots
  • And more…

Commercial Services

Commercial Service

  • Weekly compost collection
  • 2 12 Gallon Bins
  • Extra Bins Available
  • Bin Cleaning and Liner Replacement Optional
  • Service time window Optional
  • Metrics/Weights Tracking Optional
  • Fully Permitted and Insured
  • Education, Outreach, and Support Always!

Valet Commercial Service

  • In-building weekly compost collection
  • 1 6 Gallon Eco Caddy
  • Extra Bins Available
  • Bin(s) Cleaned and Liner(s) Replaced
  • Service time window
  • Metrics/Weights Tracking
  • Fully Permitted and Insured
  • Education, Outreach, and Support Always!

Custom Projects and Events

  • Waste Audits
  • Custom Service Requirements
  • 0 Waste Strategy Consultation
  • Sustainability Projects Management and Support
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Charitable Contributions
  • Events and more…
  • Education, Outreach, and Support Always!

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